About Steepletown


Steepletown is a faith-based organization, whose mission is to promote “neighbor helping neighbor live with dignity and hope.”

Our History

Steepletown Neighborhood Services was initiated in 1994 by three neighboring Catholic Churches: St. James, St. Mary, and the Basilica of Saint Adalbert. Each of these churches has been a trusted presence on the West Side of Grand Rapids for over 100 years, providing for the social and spiritual needs of those who live in these neighborhoods. As the demographics of the neighborhood began to change significantly, it was decided that a more organized approach was needed to more effectively serve the community. Steepletown moved into its present location at 671 Davis in 1995 after receiving its 501(c)3 designation. It offers a variety of support services and educational programs, and manages a community center that provides space for several other human service agencies.

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Board Of Directors

  • Nereida Alvarado
  • Rev. Dick Host
  • Mark Johnson
  • Kathy Kane-Lane
  • Marie Morris
  • Kathy Reatini
  • Pat Scully
  • Michelle Szczepanczyk
  • Janette Vargas
  • Mike Wawee
  • James Wodarek