HOY - Employer Benefits

Intership Benefits

The HOY program refers to paid and unpaid work experiences as “internships” to focus on the learning aspect of this experience. Internships serve as work-based learning sites for youth to explore careers and develop employability, professional, occupational and transferable skills.

These internships also benefit the employer:

  • Interns are screened and trained prior to placement to assure work habits, skills and attitude meet the employer’s expectations.
  • The HOY program, through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and other supporters, funds the internship wages, is the employer of records and covers all liability insurance, worker’s compensation and other employee benefits for the duration of the internship.
  • Employers have the opportunity to diversify staff by hiring a young Hispanic youth. Most of our participants are bilingual in English and Spanish to assist employers in connecting with the large Hispanic population in Kent County.
  • Employers receive on-going support from HOY staff to address any questions or concerns during the internship process. The HOY staff monitors the internship on a weekly basis to assure a positive and mutually beneficial partnership between the employer, intern and HOY program.
  • If an employer is in need to fill a position, an HOY internship provides the employer an opportunity to observe the HOY intern as a candidate for the open position.
  • If the employer hires the youth, the employer and youth will continue to receive on-going support to assure job retention and success.

Internship Details

Summer Internships
Maximum Hours: 120 hours
Duration: 6-8 weeks
Average Hours per Week: 15 – 20 hours
Months Available: June through August
Age Range: 14 – 18 years old

Academic Calendar Internships
Maximum Hours: 100 hours
Duration: 6- 10 weeks
Average Hours per Week: 10 – 15 hours
Months Available: September through May
Age Range: 14 – 18 years old

Year Round Internships
Maximum Hours: 300 hours
Duration: 8-15 weeks
Average Hours per Week: 20 – 40 hours
Months Available: Year Round
Age Range: 19 – 21 years old

Job Shadow
Maximum Hours: 8 hours
Duration: 1 day (1 visit)
Average Hours per Visit: 2 – 5 hours
Months Available: Year Round
Age Range: 14 – 21 years old
Contact the HOY Director to sign up as a job shadow site

Career Fields in Need

We are currently in need of job shadowing and internship sites in the following career fields:

  • Pediatrician/ OBGYN
  • General Practitioner/Medical Doctor
  • Registered Nurse/ LPN/ CNA
  • All Criminal Justice related careers
  • All Business related careers
  • Social Worker/Counselor
  • Cosmetologist
  • Construction/Roofer
  • Plummer, Electrician, Heating and Cooling
  • Automotive Mechanics
  • Wildlife/Zoological/Animal Caretaker/Biologist
  • Entertainment/ Music Industry/ Singer/ Performer/ Promoter
  • Professional Athlete/ Sports Broadcaster

Employer Steps

  1. Internship orientation with HOY Director (15 – 30 minutes).
  2. Inform your staff of the HOY program internship. HOY staff can give presentations to staff upon request.
  3. Review and sign Internship Site Agreement for each intern (Reviewed at orientation).
  4. Post EEO, ACSET Complaint Procedure, Michigan Minimum Wage Law of 1964 and Youth Employment Standards Act (provided by HOY staff).
  5. Give a thorough orientation to your HOY intern.
    1. Welcome Youth
    2. Mock Interview (optional – good practice for youth and serves as an icebreaker)
    3. Tour facility
    4. Introduce to staff
    5. Confirm schedule/hours
    6. Process to report illness, absence, or late arrival
    7. Smoking regulations
    8. Fire, tornado, evacuation, accident/incident procedures
    9. Safety Guidelines
    10. Dress Code
    11. Behavior/Business Culture
    12. Additional Expectations
  6. Supervise, coach and mentor the HOY intern throughout the internship.
  7. Fill out a short performance assessment for each youth on their bi-weekly time card.
  8. Provide access to ACSET* to conduct occasional internship site monitoring. Employers will receive at least 48 hours notice of any ASCET visit.
  9. Provide weekly access for HOY staff to monitor worksite safety and the performance of the youth.
  10. Contact HOY Staff with any questions, concerns or feedback at any time during the internship experience.

*ACSET (Area Community Services Employment & Training) is the administrative council of the Michigan Works! of Kent and Allegan County. ASCET administers the WIA (Workforce Investment Act) grant that funds the majority of paid HOY internships. They visit sites occasionally to monitor for compliance with DLEG, WIA and ASCET rules and regulations.